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    Enrico Mercado
    Enrico Mercado Third Engineer

    Answer: Because the scavenging/charging air system of the 2-stroke engine and 4-stroke engine are different. A 2-stroke engine has scavenging ports in which the scavenging air passes to it when the piston reaches the bottom dead center. This air will also expel exhaust gas in the combustion chamber through its "Exhaust valve" (the one valve you said). A 4-stroke engine has 4 valve...

    Rajeev Jassal
    Rajeev Jassal Master

    Solving the ROR situations given in the Videotel requires a bit of analytic skills. Let us solve few of these situations with few examples. Here is one of the example how the Radar screen will be given in the question. The question will be: What will be the closest point of approach of taregt A? A. Between 3 to 4 Miles B. Between 4 to 5 miles C. Less than 0.9 mile D. Between 1 to 2 m...

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