Q.Man Overboard in Restricted Visibility. What actions we must take in addition to those that we take in a normal situation?

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In RV condition Keeping Sight of the Person Overboard is very difficult.

Activating MOB Mode in Mordern ECDIS will help to pin point the Inital Lat and Long

But this will not take account of drifting away of person due current or wind.

so we need some thing  which will transmit the real time position of person overboard.

Simple and Effective way is Activate SART located on bridge and throw it over the water.

X - Band Radar Can pick up the direction of SART,

By tracking the driection of Movement of SART you will get an idea  in which direction the person is also drifting. This will be very Helpful in RV

Rishab Singh

Rishab Singh

Jan 22, 2021

Is this method certified anywhere