Q.When picking up anchor in 100m depth the windlass not able to pick up the anchor with about 4 shackles out, what action we should take?

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Greg Foster-James

Check chart for navigational hazards and dragging room, check you have not picked up a cable? Is the bottom rocky? If the prevailing conditions are not favourable then walk back anchor and wait for conditions to improve.

If the anchor is still not coming. We are going to use the other winless, a mooring line/ wire rope and shackle to take the additional weight of the working windless.

Firstly we must carry out a risk assessment and table talk to highlight the risks and ensure all crew involved understand the job.

Next check the equipment you are going to use is up to the job the weight of the anchor cable and the SWL of the lines and shackles should be noted in the Record of Lifting equipment.

Attach the shackle between the anchor cable and the chosen line to heave weight at the same time as we heave our anchor. Repeating and slowly slowly bringing the anchor home. Keep checking to see if you are not within the working limit of the anchor winless.

When changing the shackle position ensure the anchor is fully secured with Brake/guillotine/preventer.    

At all times a Dynamic risk assessment should be carried out to reduce the risks.

This operation should only be carried out my experienced officers and crew.

Manuel DelFierro

Manuel DelFierro

Mar 21, 2020

In addition to above, use engine as well.

Iman Saadatpour

Iman Saadatpour

Feb 11, 2020

Whats your mean , please explain if possible .

Besik Mskhaladze

If the vessel is in deep water and the windlass is unable to recover the cable, the vessel may be carefully moved towards shallower water using the engines to DRAG the anchor and cable along the seabed.

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