Q.What is the meaning of "Inherent stability problem for the ship"?

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Q: "What is the meaning of 'Inherent stability problem for the ship'?"

A: Any factor or capacity which causes the vessel to be "out of trim", contributing to a sustained center-of-gravity displacement for the ideal/design (adversely affecting the righting-moment). These factors/capacities can include, but is not limited to:

- Fuel and Ballast tank sizes and internal distribution

- Superstructure, or load stowage, which is asymmetrical about the vessel centerline (e.g., too far outboard to port/starboard), or the vessel's beam (e.g., too far forward or aft)

- Vessel structure, or load stowage, which presents large sail area (impacting center-of-gravity and righting-moment)


Satyajit Dilip

For eg, a vessel which has a low GM due to a particulat tank not having a centreline bulkead which increases the fluid GM, this design is called as Inherant stability problem of the ship. It is in the design aspect of the ship which will always remain throughout the life of the vessel.