Q.How can we know if the ship is meeting with the standards of the class?

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That depend on the Class of the vessel. Each class have in their website the Rules of Class. Generally, this rules are divided in Parts (Books - Hull Structure, Hull Equipment, Machinery, Electrical, Fire Fighting, Etc.) which will have Rules (Mandatory) and Guidance. Each Part will have several Chapters with the requirements in each area of the vessel and equipments to maintain. Normally, Part 1 will give the general rules and surveys requirements.

One good way to follow the rules and keep the standards of the class is getting to know the standards in the periodical surveys (Annual, Intermediate and Special/Renewal). Of course, consulting all the parts in huge, so you can look for your responsability : If you are an ETO, read the Electrical Part. If you are the officer reponsabile of the Fire Fighting eqmnt, study that Part. Nevertheless, the Part 1 should be consulted regardless your position on board if you want to know more about class requirements/standards.

Manuel DelFierro

Classification Certificate is the proof that a ship meets the standards of the class.