Ship Construction

Umang Thakar
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Load Density is the amount of weight that can be safely loaded per unit volume of the hold. Whereas stack weight is the maximum amount of weight of the containers that can be loaded on top of the containers. Stack weight as the name suggests it is a weight that can be stacked upon a container.


Rajeev Jassal
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To understand the process of annealing, we first need to understand the Ductile and brittle behaviour of metals.

Ductility: Ductility is the ability of the metal to be stretched into a wire without breaking when tension is applied in it.

Brittleness: Brittleness is the opposite of ducti

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1. What is the danger assosiated with the use of recirculated water during cleaning operations?

2.What is the danger assosiated with the use of tank cleaning chemicals/agents during cleaning operations?