Q.What is the test and certification procedure for approved loadicator ?

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Testing requirements of the approved loadicator includes testing on board by the ship staff and testing by the classification society of the ship.

Testing by ship staff

Each ship is given the test conditions by the class before approving the loadicator. At least every 3 months, ship staff need to compare the actual values from the loadicator with the approved test conditions. The exact procedure to do so is

  • Chief officer need to choose a test condition
  • He need to enter all the weights in the loadicator. These weights need to be entered manually. He cannot choose a pre-saved condition from the loadicator.
  • He need to check all the resultant values (like GM, VCG, LCG, SF, BM) from the loadicator and compare it with approved test condition.
  • Both need to match. If it does, the test has passed.

Testing by Classification society

Each year, during annual survey classification society will do the same procedure and take the print out of the test conditions witness. Class will sign and stamp the test conditions print out. These need to be kept on board for showing to the third party inspectors.

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