Q.Why we do right ship vetting inspection? is it mandatory?

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Vetting inspections are not mandatory by statute or by law. But these inspections have become a necessity for operating a commercial ship.

The cargo owners, terminals and all other parties commercially involved with the ships want to make sure that they have a seaworthy and a safe ship.

Reviewing the findings of the port state inspections is one of the way the ship's condition can be judged. But scope of the port state inspections is limited and not detailed in most of the ports.

Third party inspections like vetting inspections have become the most useful tool for the commercial parties to assess the condition of the ships.

Vetting inspections results act as a tool for the potential charterers to compare between ships and choose the best one. 

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Kyaw Aung

Jun 22, 2017

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Jun 23, 2017

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