Q.Why do we need to record weather observations at sea?

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"Maintain a proper record " words often read and heard from all the shipping related procedure and personnel and PSC, Auditors.

Maintaining a record is not a problem, what ever you observe make a record of its time to time truthfully ( don't manipulate records and fill it).

These records will help you save your life in very difficult and dangerous situations.

lets discuss a few of those situations and how the weather reports will be your savior of the day.

  1. By assessing the past hour's weather reports navigator can predict whats the weather he is about to face in following hours. If there is storm ahead he can alter course and pass clear of the storm.
  2. All the records of weather for a particular area for the past couple of years will be assessed to find out the general weather pattern of that area. That means the record you maintain today will be used in future for weather patterns.
  3. Insurance claims; Everything is Money nowadays. Nobody wants to give their money to anyone for free. Insurance companies are notorious for this. If there is damage to cargo or ships structure due to heavy weather first thing we will be going is claiming the insurance money. Those who delt with the insurance company for claims knows better how they deny the claims if we don't show proof that damage is actually happened by the weather. You can only show the previous weather records that you have maintained. If you have failed to maintain the record, then kiss good bye to insurance money.
  4. Voluntary weather reporting: UK MET OFFICE will be receiving all the weather reporting from ships world wide. These reports will send 4 times a day from ships voluntarily. Metrological experts will study these reports and broadcast world wide.
Aung Tun

We are for safety of life at sea and ship.