Q.What action must a navigating officer take when a NUC vessel is seen from stern making way through water?

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Waiyan Maungmaung

According to Colreg. Rule 13,overtaking vessel keep out of the way of vessel being overtaken.OOW must keep clear of NUC from wind ward side according to Rule 16.

Possible Situation 1 - Own vessel Stopped and Drifting

Actions : a) Check If ROC exists, if No Monitor Untill NUC passed clear of your vessel.

             b) If ROC exists Keep out of the way of NUC vessel using engine ( Rule 18 a)

Possible Situation 2 - NUC is Overtaking you.

Action: a) Monitor CPA,

           b) As per Rule 13 a its the responsibity of NUC vessel To keep out of the way of vessel being over taken.

           c) If the CPA is less than what is mentioned in your master's standing order, you take necessary action to maintain a safe distance ( Rule 2, 7, 8, 17)

        .  d) Sound and light Signals as per 34 d - Five rapid short blast and rapid flash of light.



Rule 2 - Responsiblity

Rule 7 - Risk Of Collision

Rule 8 - Action To Avoid Collision

Rule 17 - Action  By Stand On vessel

Rule 18 - Responsiblities between Vessels.