Q.Where can I find class requirements onboard?

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Each classification society has developed its rules for the design and construction of the ships and its machinery.

These rules incorporate the standard rules developed by IACS and various IMO conventions.

Rules related to the design and construction are taken care during the construction stage. For other rules, we are supposed to refer the IMO conventions.

So usually there is never a need to refer classification society rules onboard. But even when we need a clarification of some rules, the shore staff contacts the classification society of the ship for that.

If still required, a copy of classification society rules can be asked from the classification society.

If you have the internet onboard, these rules can be found on the website of the classification society.

For example, we can go to rules and standard page of DNV GL website.

Clicking on this block will take us to subsections of the rules

We can click on the required section to look for rules that we are searching for. We can also search for a rule on a particular subject by entering a search query.