Q.What is interim certificate of class

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D02d.3a Interim Certificates of Class * Class surveyors of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping do not issue Certificates of Class, but endorse them on completion of annual and other surveys. On completion of all survey work at a particular port (including any statutory surveys carried out), and provided that in his opinion the ship is in a fit and efficient condition, a class surveyor will generally issue the master with an Interim Certificate of Class, which permits the vessel to proceed on her voyage. The surveyor will send his survey report and recommendations to the Committee of Lloyd’s Register, which in due course will amend the ship’s latest survey details in the class Register Book and may issue a Certificate of Class, which may be referred to as a Certificate of Class Maintenance. * Interim certificates of class contain the surveyor’s recommendations for continuance of class, but in all cases are subject to confirmation by the society’s Committee (see D02d.4). • The surveyor’s statement on a Lloyd’s Register Interim Certificate of Class states: “I have carried out the surveys detailed below. All recommendations made by me have been dealt with to my satisfaction. I am recommending to the Committee of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping that class be maintained with new records as follows.”