Q.In ship shore safety checklist what is the meaning of code A, P and S?

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When a tanker is all fast at a berth and before cargo loading or unloading could start, Chief officer and loading master are supposed to go through the safety checklist called "Ship-Shore safety checklist".

The format of the checklist is provided in the ISGOTT but it is also supposed to be a checklist in SMS manual of the ship.

In the ship shore safety checklist, there are some points that are

  • supposed to be checked by ship
  • Supposed to be checked by Shore
  • Suppose to be checked jointly by Ship and Shore

For example, in the below section of ship-shore safety checklist, point 1 to 4 are supposed to be checked by both parties. Point 6 and 8 by the terminal and 5 & 7 by ship.

Apart from this, there is one section "Code" which has one or more of these three codes

  • A
  • P
  • R

Code A

Code A stands for "Agreement". For the checkpoints with Code A, it is not sufficient to just sign or tick the point. We need to have a written agreement for this point.

For example, point 3 is

The agreed ship-shore communication system is operative 

For this point, it is not sufficient to write "yes". We need to write in remarks as to what communication system is being used and what is the backup communication system.

For each point with Code "A", there needs to be more information about the agreement in the remarks column.

Code P 

Code P stands for "Permission". For the checklist points with Code P ", if the answer is "NO", the cargo operation cannot be started without permission from the port authorities.

For example, if the ship's response to point no 21 is "NO" (which means ship's engine is not ready), the cargo operation cannot start without permission from port authorities.

Code R

Code R stands for Re-check. These are the items that need to be checked at regular interval. 

For example, item 1 requires the vessel to check the Gangway and as this is a Code "R" item, the vessel needs to check the gangway at regular interval. Same goes for item 2 which requires the vessel to check the moorings.

The interval of rechecking the code "R" items is agreed between the ship and shore during the initial meeting. Same is recorded in the declaration at the end of Ship-shore safety checklist. 


Satyajit Dilip

Satyajit Dilip

Jan 16, 2018