Q.How to lower lifeboat in heavy weather?

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First of all Lowering Life boat in heavy weather is not recommended for any training or Drill purpose, If your intention of Lowering only to meet requirment of drill matrix then dont do it , you can ask your flag state's for dispensation.

In case of Abandoning the ship in heavy weather some steadying method to be used so that the life boat does not land hard against the ship side.


1)Prevent the fall blocks to hit ship crew or lifeboat.

2)Boat crews must wear life jacket, helmet, immersion suit in cold climate for rescuing operation.

3)Sea quelling oil may be used to reduce the seas.

4)Vessel to create a good lee. Wind to be on the opposite bow.

4)Ship plugs.

5Lower lifeboat into the trough of a wave.

6)On the next rising crest, release the hooks immediately and simultaneously.

7)Cast off the painter once clear.

8)Bear off the ship's side with tiller, oars or boat hook.

9)Engine is started before the release of blocks and kept neutral.

10)Once lifeboat is underway, tiller put against ship's side and with full throttle clear off the ship.


1)Rig fenders, mattresses or mooring ropes to prevent the boat from being staved during an adverse roll.

2)A cargo net, slung between davits and trailing in the water for crew to hang on in case the boat capsize alongside. It should not hamper the operation of the boat.

3)The painter is rigged and kept tight throughout so as to keep the boat in position between the falls.

4)The falls are loosely tied with a line, led to the deck and manned. When the boat is unhooked, the line line will steady the falls and prevent accidental contact with the boat crews.

5)Once unhooked, the blocks should be taken up to avoid injuring the crews in lifeboat.