Q.Is there any exemption of Lifeboat carriage on a ship and can any vessel sail without Lifeboat?

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Oscar Sarlat

Yes. There vessel may exempt of the lifeboats. All will depend of the convention, trading area, type of vessel, service and another matters. 

I'm working to Panama Maritime Flag Authority  and I issue exemption certificates (COLREG, SOLAS, Load Line, MODU Code 79,89,09, MARPOL etc) everyday. The exemption certificates are granted by this administration as long as it is permitted by the convention. 

If you require manage a exemptions certificates for your vessel, I can grant you my services and experience in Maritime flags and Recognized Organizations. 



Satyajit Dilip

SOLAS Chapter III Reg 2 - Exemptions; Gives Flag state the legal authority under this convetion to exempt an individual ship or class of ships to comply with any specific requirements of  Chapter III of SOLAS, if the vessel  does not proceed more than 20Nm from the nearest land and there are sheltered  anchorages in the vicinity. 

Hushpinder Singh

Recently on my visit to Montreal I was informed my the Transport Canada Inspector that the ships plying in Great Lakes are not required to carry LifeBoats. 

Oscar Sarlat

Oscar Sarlat

Aug 25, 2018

Ok. You must to contact to Port State Authoritiers regarding that exemption. Most likely, you shall fulfill with equivalence or alternative safety arrangement onboard instead indicated by canadian maritime authorities in order to exempt of lifeboats onboard. Nevertheless captain, take in consideration the contract of the vessel, if your vessel solely trades in Great Lakes, proceed accordingly.

Veera V

Veera V

Dec 3, 2018

For Vessel solely trade in great lakes SOLAS not applicable.