Q.On Oil/chemical tanker the ODME overboard valve is before the annex 1 and annex 2 overboard lines. How should we proceed for discharging Annex 2 slops in this case ? Do we need to make entry in ORB for this operation ?

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This is very interesting and unusual situation. For the sake of clarity, let us see what we are talking about here.

Normally, the line for annex 1 and annex 2 overboard discharge looks something like this. This is not the exact line up but just a basic line up to show the location of ODME overboard valve which operates automatically through the computing unit of ODME.

Now on some ships (though very rare) this line diagram would look like this !!!

The only problem with this line up is that even for discharge of Annex 2 slops, we need to operate the ODME. If the ODME valve is not open, we will not be able to discharge the annex 2 slops through annex 2 line.

I have personally seen this type of arrangement on one of the ship during yard delivery of the vessel. But when I saw the drawings, the ODME valve was located at correct position. That is at such a position that we would not require the ODME to operate for annex 2 slops.

We got the pipelines corrected as per the drawings. So if you have this kind of arrangement on board, the first thing we need to do is to check the approved drawings to confirm that the actual line up matches with the drawings.

If it does not then we either need to correct the drawings or modify the lines. Modifying the lines would be the more appropriate option in this case.

Even if the drawing also shows the complicated line up then the we should discuss the option of modifying the line up with class approval at least during the next dry dock.

But till the time it is not corrected, we can proceed as follows.

For discharging the annex 2 slops, We can manually over-ride the ODME. In the ODME print out and in the port log we can log down the reason for over-riding the ODME.

In my opinion, the entry into the Oil record book would not be required in this case.

Weather you go ahead with this plan or some other plan, it would be better that the plan is sent to your office and have it approved by them. This can be done through email or marine superintendent signing at the bottom of the procedures.

This email or the procedures can then be displayed in CCR or near ODME.