Q.can you please explain the dilution and displacement method of purging and gas freeing in cargo tasks with respect to multiple tanks?

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Kostas Bari

As per  ISGOTT: 

Dilution method takes place when the incoming inert gas mixes with the original tank atmosphere to form a homogeneous mixture throughout the tank so that, as the process continues, the concentration of the original gas decreases progressively. It is important that the incoming inert gas has sufficient entry velocity to penetrate to the bottom of the tank. To ensure this, a limit must be placed on the number of tanks that can be inerted simultaneously ( depending on the maximum capacity of IG flow provided by the IGS). 

Displacement method depends on the fact that inert gas is slightly lighter than hydrocarbon gas so that, while the inert gas enters at the top of the tank, the heavier hydrocarbon gas escapes from the bottom through suitable piping. When using this method, it is important that the inert gas has a very low velocity to enable a stable horizontal interface to be developed between the incoming and escaping gas. However, in practice, some dilution inevitably takes place owing to the turbulence caused in the inert gas flow. Displacement generally allows several tanks to be inerted or purged simultaneously.