Q.Benzene monitoring during bunkering, what is the most effective and economic way considering as per company requirement Toxic gas tube to be consumed at least initial, intermediate and final stage of bunkering operation ?

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The most effective and economic way of monitoring benzene during bunkering is by the use of Drager pump and Drager tubes. GASTEC is another maker of these kind of equipments. In these equipments, we have a pump and we have tubes for detecting a particular kind of gas (for example Benzene in this case). 

We need to break the end of the tube and inside the tube into the hand pump in the advised direction.We then need to pump the equipment to draw the air to pass through the tube. If the air has the gas we are trying to measure, it will change the color of the reagent inside the tube. 

We can measure the concentration on the markings of the tube.We need to understand that if the measured concentration is zero (that is no change in color), we can use the same tube multiple times. 

So if there is no benzene present in the air, we can use the same tube for the entire bunkering operation.However once the tube is broken, it has some validity which we need to check on the instruction paper of the tubes.