In ASTM table no.54 for VCF which density is used.density in air or vacuum also if possible please write an article regarding ASTM tables.TIA.

ASTM Table 54 stands for evaluating VCF (Volume Correction Factor). On vertical side Tank Temperatures are given and horiontally Density @ 15 Deg C are given. Corresponding value for Tank Temperature and Density @ 15 Deg C is VCF.

Now it comes to one mind, as to how to calculate Density @ 15 Deg C. You have to draw a composite sample of crude or product and measure the sample for Temperature and Density and use ASTM Table 53, to evaluate Density @ 15 Deg C. In Table 53, Vertical side you have Sample Temperature and horiontally Sample Density and the corresponding value is Density @ 15 Deg C. Having calculated Density @15 Deg C and VCF, calculation of quantity is as under-

Gross Volume (A) -Unit in KL

Less : Water Volume (B) Unit in KL

Nett Volume @ NT (A-B) - C Unit in KL

Tank Temp Unit in Centigrade

Density @ 15 Deg -- D - Unit in Kg/L

VCF (using Table 54)  E - Factor

Volume at 15 Deg C - C * E - F Unit in KL

WRF ( Density @ 15 Deg C- 0.0011 ) - G - Factor

Quantity in Air      F * G Unit in Metric Tonnes

Quantity in Vac    F* D  Unit in Metric Tonnes

N.B : When softwares available to calculate VCF and calculations, I am afraid if anyone resort to basics.