Q.In ASTM table no.54 for VCF which density is used.density in air or vacuum also if possible please write an article regarding ASTM tables.TIA.

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ASTM Table 54 stands for evaluating VCF (Volume Correction Factor). On vertical side Tank Temperatures are given and horiontally Density @ 15 Deg C are given. Corresponding value for Tank Temperature and Density @ 15 Deg C is VCF.

Now it comes to one mind, as to how to calculate Density @ 15 Deg C. You have to draw a composite sample of crude or product and measure the sample for Temperature and Density and use ASTM Table 53, to evaluate Density @ 15 Deg C. In Table 53, Vertical side you have Sample Temperature and horiontally Sample Density and the corresponding value is Density @ 15 Deg C. Having calculated Density @15 Deg C and VCF, calculation of quantity is as under-

Gross Volume (A) -Unit in KL

Less : Water Volume (B) Unit in KL

Nett Volume @ NT (A-B) - C Unit in KL

Tank Temp Unit in Centigrade

Density @ 15 Deg -- D - Unit in Kg/L

VCF (using Table 54)  E - Factor

Volume at 15 Deg C - C * E - F Unit in KL

WRF ( Density @ 15 Deg C- 0.0011 ) - G - Factor

Quantity in Air      F * G Unit in Metric Tonnes

Quantity in Vac    F* D  Unit in Metric Tonnes

N.B : When softwares available to calculate VCF and calculations, I am afraid if anyone resort to basics.

Sravan Korada

Sravan Korada

Oct 16, 2020

Sir, i has a small query regarding difference between astm 54b and 54e