Q.Considering long voyage, how early could we submit eNOA?

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eNOA need to be submitted at least 96 hours prior arrival if the voyage duration is more than 96 hours. But there is no limit mentioned for the earliest time that eNOA can be submitted.

However it is understood that the earliest eNOA can be submitted is after departure from the previous port to the US arrival.

Ideally if the time permits eNOA should be sent 6 days before arrival.

Extra 2 days allows for correction in any kind of errors in submission of eNOA and not too many days before the deadline means that if the port changes, master would not need to go through the hassle of cancelling the eNOA.

Charlie Tubongbanua

Charlie Tubongbanua

Jun 8, 2018

Thank you Mr. Rajeev for your great comments. Furthermore, we have the situation that vessel arriving port is Stockton, but due to some circumstances, she dropped anchor at San Francisco anchorage & unexpectedly she stay longer at anchorage for 35 days at present & still waiting for berthing turn before she can move on to Stockton, therefore, Master still continue sending eNOA update every 10 days. For this situtation, any valuable comments from your end?

Charlie Tubongbanua

Charlie Tubongbanua

Jun 9, 2018

Further to my last above, unfortunately, CBP cannot allow the vessel to stay anymore at San Francisco anchorage where crew landing permit already expired & CBP ordered that the vessel will depart U.S. soon to foreign port. In such case as Master still continue sending eNOA updates every 10 days, is necessary to cancel eNOA? When to make cancelling notice (e.g. 2 days, 1 day or upon departure) San Francisco? and by calling agent or NVMC for cancelling?

Lorenz Calvo

96 hrs prior departure/arrival