Q.Can you show some light on how to quantify garbage onboard?

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We have to admit that quantifying the garbage produced on board is a work of estimation. It is really not uncommon to find the disparity in daily production of garbage under different individuals.

This is obviously because different people may draw a different estimation of the same quantity of garbage.

Some type of garbage is not difficult to quantify. For example, food waste can easily be quantified. If a bucket of 20 liters is full of food wastes, it simply becomes 0.02 cbm of food waste.

The issue is with papers and plastics. 

Good practice about garbage requires us to store the garbage in as compact form as possible.

So while quantifying papers and plastics, these must first be packed in as compact way as possible. These bags when stored in 200 liters garbage drum can then easily be quantified.

When estimating the quantity of garbage, one thing that we can avoid is the error in converting the units.

200 liters of plastic should not be entered as 0.02 cbm and 20 liters of food wastes should not be entered as 0.2 cbm.