Q.You are sailing & on a container vessel loaded with DG class 1. You have taken all the precautions, but fire still out of control. Action?

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Class 1 : Explosives, By the name only you can imagine the after effect of this cargo.

IMDG have given clear guidance for the seggrigation of this cargo . Since cargo is already on board i belive all the seggrigation is followed as per IMDG.

Since fire is out of control i am sure the ship's OOW must have transmitted the Distress Message and Communication with RCC is in progress.

Now our main concern is how long do we have till the buring fire reaches the cargo area and make a big explosion.

Now if you cannot fight fire atleast designate some crew for boundary cooling of class 1 cargo area, it will buy some more time.

Keep these orders in my mind.

1) Safety of LIfe .( Abandon the ship as a last resort)

2)Safety of Ship( Jettison the cargo)

3)Safety of Marine envionment.(Inform the cost gaurd and clean up team)

4)Safety of cargo. ( your charterer or cargo owner would not be happy, but let the insurance company worry about that).