Q.What to do if Fire Plan is damaged? How we can request for new copy?

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The best way is to find the other copy of fire plan in the drawings box. Usually, there are additional copies provided by the yard and are normally found in one of the boxes of Hull drawings and plans.

If there are none there, then we can have the color copies of the available fire plan made. As the size of the paper required is very large, you may need to make the arrangement for a xerox of this large plan with the agent beforehand. At the next opportunity of the class surveyor's visit, we can get these signed and stamped to make it original.

If there is not even a single copy of the Fire control plan onboard, the ship must not allow the cargo operation. In this case, a copy may urgently be sought from the company if they have a copy kept at the office.

Lastly if none of these works, a copy of fire plan need to be requested from the yard.

On new ships, the yard also provides soft copies of all the plans and drawings. Soft copy of the Fire plan can be sent to the printing press for printing to the required size.

The copies of the fire plan must be stamped by the classification society of the ship.

It is important that the symbols on the fire plan are in color and are clearly legible.

Mohammad Asir

Mohammad Asir

Aug 25, 2017

Sir, your articles are very interesting especially for those who are new to the industry. Hoping to read more new articles. I have a question. What if some new firefighting appliances were added, do we have to add the symbols on the fire plan or the class will issue a new plan? What if some symbols got scratched or damaged, can we repair it on our own?

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