Q.What is the procedure to change a load line in case ship has dual or more than two load lines ?

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Different flags have different procedures for change of load lines. Some require the presence of a class surveyor, while some do not require this. For example Hong Kong flag do not require the presence of a class surveyor for change of loadlines. Singapore flag require presence of class surveyor for change of loadline. 

But Irrespective of if the presence of class surveyor is required or not, there are few things that are common in change of load lines on vessels with dual load lines. 

  • The Old load lines marks on the midship need to painted.
  • The new load line marks need to be painted.
  • All the certificates with old load lines need to be replaced with the certificates with new load lines. Apart from new load line certificates, sometimes we also need to change the IOPP certificate which is based upon the different deadweight of the ship.
  • All the certificates with old load line will need to be sealed in a envelop and kept under master's safe. If flag requires presence of class surveyor, this envelop is sealed by the attending class surveyor.
  • A log entry is made in the Official log book and deck log book regarding change of load lines.
  • The new load line certificate is displayed in the accommodation and old one is removed.
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