Q.What is the latest procedure for renewal of GMDSS endorsement (GOC COC) ?

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Before proceeding to apply for GMDSS endorsement, check that your CDC details are correct and are available in the CDC checker. Make sure you have scan copies of following available with you.

  • Recent Passport size photograph scanned as jpg file in size 35mm x 35mm
  • Scan of your Signature
  • Scan copy of Sea time letter from you company in pdf format. If you have more than one sea time letters, make sure to scan these as one PDF file.
  • Scan copy of your GOC booklet (all pages) alongwith latest renewal page. All these pages need to be in one pdf file
  • Self attested scan copy of medical fitness certificate from DG approved doctor. It is recommended that the medical is valid for next 6 months. If there are multiple pages, scan as one pdf file.
  • Self attested scan copy of CDC alongwith pages of relevent sea time enteries. Make sure to scan all the pages as one pdf file. Include only relevent sea time entry pages.
  • Scan copy of your old GMDSS endorsement

  Once you have all of these available, login to your DG shipping profile. Once logged in click on "COC, DC endorsements, GMDSS operator" link

Click on the "Application for GMDSS operator".

It will take you to filling the data for online application starting from "personal details". Fill all the data. 

It has fields "Place of Examination" and "Date of examination". If you do not remember the date of examination just fill approx date which will be around( but before) the date of issue of your GMDSS booklet.

Click Continue and it will take you to "Address" tab. Fill the address correctly, it is more important if you choose to select delivery by post as GMDSS endorsement will be delivered on this address.

Click Continue and it will take you to Sea time tab. Fill your Sea time for the ships mentioned in the sea time letter from your company.

Click Continue and it will show you the "Fees" for renewal.

Click Continue and it will show you the documents to attach.

Tick the "I agree" on the declaration section and then click on "Generate Apllication No.".

It will show you the screen with message that "your data has been successfully submitted". If you are ready to pay the fees now, you can click on "Pay now" under Payment status. If not, you can pay from different section as per below.

Now you need to upload your documents and pay fees (if not paid as per above). For this, click on "Home" on the upper right corner, or you can relogin to DG shipping profile.

Click on "COC, DC endorsements, GMDSS operator" link and then click on "Pay CoC & CoP Fees, Upload Documents and view Status".

You can pay the fee from this section too by clicking on "pay now". Before you start downloading the documents, you need scan copy of the application you just submitted online. For that click on "View" under "View submitted data" 

Save this PDF file, and either put your signature digitally or take the print out of the application and sign on the last page and then scan all the pages. If you are signing digitally, it is OK if the date is left blank on the last page. Either way have all the pages of this application as one pdf file.

After you have all the documents scanned, click on the "upload documents" under the same screen and upload all the documents.

You have now successfully applied for the GMDSS endorsement. 

If you have choosen to deliver it by Post, you will get it in around 7 working days from the time it is approved.