Q.What will be happen for the ship mean draft if the ship pass from tropical zone with draft 20.00 m in sw (1025) to summer zone in SW (1025) , considering displacement is constant?

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The ship's mean draft will remain same. The load line zones are the areas that has been designated based on the weather conditions in those areas.

If an area is under "Tropical Zone" it would generally mean that in this area the weather conditions are expected to be good and thus the vessel is allowed to have less freeboard (more draft) than the summer load line mark.

But once the vessel has been loaded, the draft will not change just because of moving from one load line zone to another.

The draft of the ship will only change if the density of the sea water changes. It will not change simply because ship travelled from one place to another. 

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Nov 14, 2019

reckon draft reading will change if ship loaded and passing from summer to tropical zone? say ship loaded to max scantling draft at 10.8 in summer zone - will ship have a depper draft reading at tropical zone port?