Q.Can we dispose of food waste in PSSA, let's say in WETREP?

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yes , we can dispose garbage in the pssa area.

IMO has developed guidelines for identification and designation of Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA).

Once an area falls under this category and IMO puts this area in the category of PSSA, there are one of these measures that will be implemented according to nature of concern for that area that makes it a sensitive sea area.

These measures are

  • The area may be adopted as a special area under Marpol Annex I, II, V or VI.
  • The designated PSSA may be marked as the "Area to be avoided" or routing measures may be implemented.

So if there is any prohibition to dispose of food waste in the PSSA, that PSSA would be included as a special area in the MARPOL Annex V. One such example is the Baltic area which is a PSSA and has been included as a special area under MARPOL Annex V.  

This means that for disposing of food waste in any areas including PSSA, all we need to do is follow MARPOL Annex V.