Job Application Process

  • Create Profile
    Create Profile

    Create Your Profile

    With MySeaTime you can create your sea profile in seconds by just uploading your updated DG shipping profile

  • Job Vacancies
    Job Vacancies

    Realistic Job Vacancies

    On MySeaTime, we focus on having realistic job vacancies. Seafarers can get the job offers from the companies without sharing their contact details. Chat with companies about the job vacancies and share contact details only when you are ready

  • Application form
    Application form

    Generate company specific application forms

    When you apply to a job, your company speciifc application form will be generated and sent to the company. So no more filling out lengthy application form

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Connect With Seafarers

Connect and collaborate with other seafarers to know their interests. You can help them find an answer to their questions or seek answers to your own.

Here, you can find the seafarers you sailed with or those who attended a course with you.

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Carry Your Documents

With sea documents, you no more need to struggle to locate scan copies of your documents. Just upload your latest documents once and then manage right from this section.

You can even email any document or attach these with your job application in just one click.

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With SEAQA, you don't need to struggle anymore to find an answer to your question. Just ask any question related to shipping and maritime field and we will do our best to either answer it or find someone to answer it.

And if you think you have the answer to a question asked by our fellow seafarer, you can help them too by writing an answer.

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